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How Long has Slab Design Co been around?

Slab has been in the making for over 5 years, we have only been selling the furniture under the Slab Design Co since the start of 2022

Can I pick up my Slab Furniture

Absolutely, please reach out to the Slab team and we will make arrangement once your order has been placed.

What is the Furniture made from?

All Slab Furniture is made form local NZ sourced products. We use a cement product that is not only lightweight but also very durable while looking authentic.

Is the furniture designed for outdoors?

All our furniture is designed for indoors only at this point. we haven't had the chance to explore its integrity with the outdoor elements. We will release an outdoor range once we are confident it will last.

Can I buy Slab from a Store?

Unfortunately we are not yet selling our furniture to resellers, we are online only which is keeping us super busy. We will look to expand this way in the near future.

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